Terms and Conditions

SignScreen.com uses Corel Draw X6. Save all typeset characters as outlines (convert to curves) in your final artwork
files. Vector files or high resolution raster files 200-300dpi are acceptable. (psd, jpg, jpeg, tif, png, gif)
Halftones are printed at 40-50 lines per inch. When using gradients or shading, stay within 20% to 80%
coverage to avoid lost or closed halftones.
Imprint Colors:
Please provide ink colors to be printed, refer to our Basic Ink Color Chart or provide us with a Pantone
number. PMS colors are designed to be printed on white paper and are used for reference only, exact color
match not guaranteed.
Professional Artwork Review:
Each and every design is reviewed by our Printing Professionals for screen-printability and quality-control
before it goes into production. If there are any questions or concerns you will be contacted right away.
Copyright Notice:
Any art or images you submit for printing must have been created by you, or are art or images you have
the legal right to use. Art or images that are owned by others require that you have legal rights to
reproduce or publish them. We reserve the right to reject printing your art or images. If we receive a legal claim against
us for using or printing your art or image you agree to pay us for any losses we incur including but not
limited to legal expenses.
Disclaimer: Direct Screen Printing or Transfers on Polyester and "Garment Dyed" Fabrics:
Dye migration or "bleeding" or "fading" occurs between plastisol inks and dyed synthetic fibers like
polyester or "garment-dyed" products. It is most notable with light color inks on dark color fabrics. It may
appear immediately, or when they sit overnight, or even days later.
When the screen printed garment goes through the dryer at 300+ degrees, the dye in the fabric
sublimates or turns gaseous and seeps into the ink layer thus tinting the screen print. This is inherent in
the dyeing process and is unavoidable.
When screen printing polyester or polyester blend or garment dyed products we take every precaution to
minimize dye migration; we use special "low bleed" inks and we monitor the temperature of our dryer
very carefully. However we cannot guarantee that some bleeding or fading won't happen. Thank you for
your understanding.